A local organization has asked you to send a representative to speak on a particular topic. Although you have received these requests before, you always sent one particular person to fulfill this role. However, that person no longer works for the company. Although you have known replacing them needed to happen sooner rather than later, you can no longer put off its importance. Grooming your next executive to craft a concise presentation is important to the organization's bottom line. How do you begin? If you had time to do it yourself, you would. But you don't. However, sending a group of managers to a workshop on presentation skills is an option. A professional development company that specializes in executive presence and presentation skills can teach your managers how to craft a concise presentation while critiquing their particular skills of public speaking. The most effective presentations include these important components: 1. Clear Purpose and Objectives The purpose must be clearly understood before anyone can craft a concise presentation. What message will the audience understand when they leave? What are the important points to consider? What is the best way to organize the material to deliver a clear, concise message?